There are tasks that cannot be automated!

Scouting suppliers is one of them!
We put at your disposal an army of on-demand specialists, to help you find suppliers anywhere in the world.


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Whats is the Supplier Hunting service?

The supplier hunting is a service provided by engineers and sourcing specialists located around the world, who work On Demand to solve companies of all sizes, that tedious problem of getting and connecting with new suppliers.
Like Uber, Roamler, LiveOps or Arise, Babelus offers advanced crowdsourcing to perform projects of any level at an affordable cost.
Because there is no meta-search engine like Trivago in the market, our remotians locate and filter suppliers, regardless of industry or location through our artificial intelligence RFx technology.

Work agile!

Get more suppliers effortlessly, increase the supplier portfolio and improve your buying position and save money.


Are you familiar with any of the following situations?

Don't have time to find and connect with new suppliers?

Extensive searches in dozens of marketplaces research reports in Google?

Don't have tools and personnel specialized in other languages and in other latitudes?

All in one place!

Instead of:

Spending endless hours on the Internet searching for suppliers information, contacting them one by one, many times to find that they do not manufacture the product you require or that they do not meet your company's profile

You can do it:

With a simple click, notify the product you require either in your country or anywhere in the world and receive the information in a digested way. So you only talk to those suppliers that meet your requirements.

How does Supplier Hunting Services work?

  • Indicate the product you want.
  • A group of specialists will be assigned.
  • Remotes find, connect, filter and bring providers to you.
  • Access data within the platform.
  • No training or software to implement.


(Software as a service)

(Business process as a service)

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